Static content on the Homepage

Is there any possibility to implement static sites (content) to the homepage/landing page? I am only able to feed it with articles or using the different section plugins (countdown, gallery, slider …) but I cannot announce anything here or modify it. Is that a feature or a bug?


When saving the date & time of the countdown timer the time that has been defined will be always replaced by another time. So it does not save the correct time. It set’s the time always 2mins (02:02 AM!) after the time I’ve set (2:00 PM). I am not able to use the countdown correctly. Any known issues with that?

Child-theme functionality is not working with Evento

Officially the theme supports child-themes. But in my case it’s not working and I don’t know how :/ When creating the EventPress child theme, the front page sections (slider, organizer, countdown) are missing. Is is a bug or a feature? I want to use the child-theme functionality with your theme as well.

How it should look like:

How it looks after activation/demo of child theme:

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